Welcome to The Danish Way

Many say that we Danes are the happiest nation in the world – but what’s our secret? Living life the Danish way, of course. That means enjoying a work-life balance, nature and craft, spending time together feeling hygge. That’s the Danish way. Is that what makes us such a happy nation? Perhaps. Or, could it be that we brew the best beer in the world? Prøbably.

Our Heritage

Back in 1845, a young Danish brewer travelled all the way from Copenhagen to Munich to get hold of special yeast for his beer. His name was JC Jacobsen and the name he gave to his new brewery was Carlsberg.
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The Rebrew
We recently uncovered an original bottle of Carlsberg from 1883 in the brewery cellars. Now, after blowing the dust off, we’ve extracted a sample brewed 133 years ago from the world’s first pure yeast.
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